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End of Summer Chill: 12 Royalty-Free Tracks to Download

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The sun’s lower in the sky, the edge has been taken off the heat of the day, and soon this summer will be a collection of memories on your social feeds. Lie back and soak it all in–and while you do, these royalty-free tracks will be perfect to put on in the background. 

End of Summer 

This summer ambient chill compilation is perfect for while you’re kicking back, or deep into a 1am study session. Read on to download each individual track.

Download Ambient Chill Listening Tracks on Elements

Envato Elements is home to thousands of audio tracks for your creative projects. And the site offers much more than that.

creative projects on envato elementscreative projects on envato elementscreative projects on envato elements
Everything you need for creative projects

With the price of your monthly subscription, you’ll have unlimited access to the full Envato Elements digital asset library. Download as many audio tracks and sound effects, stock videos, and Photoshop actions as you want, without limits.

With that said, lie back, and soak up the end of summer chill background tracks featured in our video!

1. That Lofi

2. Ambient Chill Horizon

3. Hip Hop Background

4. On The Lofi

5. Hip Hop On

6. Stylish Futuristic Chill

7. Dramatic Chill

8. The Chill

9. Chillout

10. Ambient Chill Dreams

11. Ambient Chill

12. Ambient Chill House

How we Create Our Animated Videos

To create the videos which accompany our audio track listings we work with talented artists like Bex Glendining (who illustrated our end of summer dorm room) and Henrik Evensen who provide the artwork which Tuts+ instructor Jonathan Lam animates using Adobe After Effects. 

Why not learn how to do it yourself? Follow the whole step-by-step process in our short course, available as part of your Envato Elements subscription.

How to Animate a Landscape Painting in Adobe After EffectsHow to Animate a Landscape Painting in Adobe After EffectsHow to Animate a Landscape Painting in Adobe After Effects
How to Animate a Landscape Painting in Adobe After Effects

Don’t forget to check out Bex’s portfolio to see more of her stylish and atmospheric illustration:

bex glendiningbex glendiningbex glendining
Bex Glendining’s portfolio

More Royalty-free Audio Tracks

More music, more illustration, more animation.

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