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Our 3 Best (Royalty Free) Meditation Music Videos on Youtube

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These royalty free meditation music tracks are guaranteed to help you relax; grab a green tea, find yourself a quiet space, and hit “play” on our mediation music videos.

Each music video features a track listing with links underneath, and all tracks are available for download with your Envato Elements subscription.

Royalty Free Ambient Music

1. A Life Begins

Ambient, atmospheric, and growing slowly in intensity, this track is perfect for morning meditation.

2. Stars

A slow 65bpm makes this royalty free meditation music calm, pensive, and ethereal.

3. Quiet

This is a quiet track to relax to, but has suggestions of rising energy to lift the spirits.

4. Nature Documentary

You’re in the woods, enveloped by oxygen-rich moist air, with the presence of building clouds standing tall over the distant mountains. Well that’s how I see it when I close my eyes anyway.

5. Lost In Nowhere

Described by the author as “angelic”, this meditation music track certainly takes the listener to another place.

6. A Tranquil Touch

Wooden chimes ring softly in this tranquil audio track. Close your eyes, open yourself to the music, and find inner peace.

7. Documentary Atmosphere Background Piano

Slowly building piano music describes perfectly a calming meditation space. Where does it take you?

8. Meditation

Allow yourself a few minutes and relax to this exquisite meditation music.

9. Documentary Ambient Background

This music is ideal for the background of a TV documentary, or a dramatic and moody screenplay. Available royalty free from Envato Elements.

10. Relaxing Piano with Nature Sounds

The closing track of our first video is a piano composition, with the natural sounds of woodland and meadows to accompany it. A long meditation music track at nearly 9 minutes, this gives the listener a perfect chance to unwind.

Royalty Free Meditation Music

1. A Cinematic Nature Beauty Ambient

Our second meditation music video for Youtube begins with this cinematic track which would fit perfectly behind the opening scene of a film.

2. Calm Nature

“Calm nature” is the perfect title for this track; relaxing, moving, and inspiring.

3. Yoga

Composed for yoga enthusiasts and professionals, this track will fit perfectly in the background of your next restorative yoga or meditation session.

4. Healing and Meditation Mood

Relaxing music is well known for its ability to ease anxiety and improve mood. Sit back with this relaxing track and enjoy its healing powers.

5. Meditation

This meditation track will help you achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state. The perfect accompaniment as you focus your mind.

6. Meditation Relax Background

This royalty free, ambient music has real depth and dimension to help you relax.

7. Meditation

Calming synthesizer music with a hint of eastern promise.

8. Tranquility

Tranquility and confidence; perhaps the ideal soundtrack for corporate advertising.

9. Calming

Quieter then most of the ambient audio examples in this collection; this calming music is certainly meditative.

10. Zen

Zen, perhaps the ultimate essence of mindfulness, meditation, and peace. Play this track to discover the nature of your own being.

Sad and Moody Music

1. As the Crow Flies

Starting our journey into the more melancholic side of meditation, this track describes a much darker mood and imposing drama.

2. Dark

Intimidating and potentially worrying, this track won’t so much bring relaxation as build a sense of anxiety. Ideal for TV drama and medieval fiction.

3. Deserted Streets

North east England, February, a rainy Sunday afternoon. “The coastal town that they forgot to close down” in the words of Morrissey.

4. Dramatic And Sad

Playful piano notes, but this track is certainly sad. Lending itself to self-reflection and much needed meditation, this track builds slowly with its full orchestral accompaniment. 

5. Dramatic Cello

The woeful sound of the cello is something we haven’t heard in these meditation tracks yet, but (whilst dramatic) this will certainly evoke a form of meditation within the listener.

6. Mysterious

“The night is dark and full of terrors” said Melisandre.

It certainly is.

7. Pain

This is a dark and painful guitar solo, with an ethereal layer.

8. Tragic

The town Sheriff stood alone, staring with reddened eyes down the dirt track as the rain grew in intensity. The battered child’s toy in her hand hid a tragic secret, but one which would have to wait for another day.

9. Sad Cinematic

This track is perfect for the closing sequence of a dramatic film, perhaps one which didn’t end so happily.

10. Sadness

Meditation can evoke sad emotions as well as positivity. This string composition is certainly meditative and relaxing in a way, but undeniably sad.

Other Stock Music Collections on Tuts+

Check out these other music genres; each one has a Youtube video to stick on and listen to while you sit back.

Relax With Royalty Free Meditation Music

These meditation music videos from the Tuts+ Youtube channel combine over thirty tracks to give you almost two hours of relaxing and moving listening. If you’re looking for royalty free meditation music there’s plenty more to choose from on Envato Elements–stay tuned for more audio collections!

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