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  1. Masteringguidepreview400

    A Guide to Mastering Your Audio Project

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    Mastering is the very last stage in music production before your tracks go out into the world. It's an important stage. If you skip it, your tracks are almost guaranteed to sound ‘weak’ when compared to like-sounding commercial material.
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  2. Rhythmsessionpreview400

    Producing Rhythm: How to Add Amazing Feel to Your Tracks

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    Rhythm tracks add life to your production. The right rhythm track can get people dancing or relaxing, adding just the right mood to your song. The wrong one can leave you feeling dead and lifeless.

    Producing a rhythm track may involve a broad range or skills, including mic selection and placement, recording and editing, compression, the use of plugins and specialized software, and more. There's a lot to learn! Here is a range of tutorials from basic to advanced that explain it all.
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  3. Classic rock drums 400

    Using WaveFactory’s Classic Rock Drums

    2 Posts
    In this video series we are going to take a look at Classic Rock Drums from WavesFactory. Part 1 will look at installing the plugin and getting it setup inside with multi outs for maximum control. In Part 2, we will check out an interesting way to get more isolation from each microphone by using some clever MIDI routing.
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  4. Previewmidicontrollers

    Manipulating MIDI: Setup, Sequencing and Secrets

    32 Posts
    MIDI is a relatively old technology in the electronic music industry. It came into being in the early 80s as a way for electronic instruments - including synths, drum machines and sequencers - to talk to one another. Over the years it has evolved, and is at its most powerful when creating music using computer software.

    So how is MIDI different to audio? Where do I start? How do I connect MIDI devices to your computer? What are control codes? How do I make MIDI music sound more realistic? Here is a range of tutorials from basic to advanced that explain it all.
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  5. Beginnersongwritingpreview400b

    A Beginner’s Guide To Songwriting

    3 Posts
    This series focuses on showing complete beginners how to write a simple song. It will focus predominantly on the process of writing a song, rather than the specific software and hardware techniques, skills and applications you might need in the recording, mixing, and mastering of that song.
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