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  1. Unknown

    How to Null Test Your Gear

    2 Posts
    Audio engineers and musicians have a habit of collecting things. Not only do they collect things, they collect things that are similar in nature and believe they are distinctly different. Furthermore, they collect them without actually testing to see if they are indeed different.
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  2. Photodune 2513702 moog xs

    Subtractive Synth Basics

    7 Posts
    You can make pretty much any sound you want using subtractive synthesis (or virtual analog), including effects, pads and strings, leads, and bass. In this series, we'll show you how. 
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  3. Instrumentalmusicpreview400

    Arranging for Strings

    2 Posts
    A standard string orchestra is based on the string quartet; Violin I, Violin II, Viola, and Cellos, with the addition of Contrabasses on the low end. In this series on arranging for strings, we'll look first at how to take an existing four-part harmonization and have it effectively performed by a string orchestra. And second, we'll learn how to use that same foundation to create more interesting variations.
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